Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RECIPE: Lime wa "nana" drink [fresh lime juice with mint]

One of the drinks that my family really enjoys and serves often to guests beyond Omani coffee is "loomi wa nana", i.e Lime with Mint juice. So simple and inexpensive to make and soooooooooooo good!
INGREDIENTS: *2 regular ripe limes or 6 of the small Omani or Hindi limes *To make 1 litre 20 sprigs of fresh mint {I grow my own in a potted herb garden just outside---mint is one of the easiest plants to take care of} *cold water (I like to leave a water bottle in the drawer just below the freezer for 1 day to make sure it is my favoured temperature) *6 heaping tablespoons of white granulated sugar or to your taste

MATERIALS: I use a food processor but blenders work too! :)

METHOD: 1. Halve limes. 2. Squeeze the juice in a container {I use my bare hands}. 3. Combine washed mint leaves with squeezed lime juice in the processor & mix until the mint is diced into tiny flecks. 4.) Pour back into the container and add water & sugar until the drink mix is to your taste.

TO SERVE: *You can store in a jug for a couple of hours for the flavour of the mint to be at its maximum best and then strain the mint out if you prefer *but I usually leave the mint floating like all the juice shops in the Khaleej tend to and serve right after mixing. *To garnish add an un-diced mint leave to float on the foam on the top.
Voila! My recipe for loomi wa nana! A perfect afternoon drink, best after dhuhr salat, mmmmm yum!

BTW, since my Arabic pronunciation is over pronounced my SIL KH DELIGHTS in getting me to say "n3n3" in front of her friends because of the Arabic letter "aiyn" and they can all {kindly} tease me for sounding like a goat :).

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