Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Costume Burqas On Sale

"Pearl Drop" style crystalized burqa in silver costs 20.000 Omani rials (around $52.00 USD)

"Pearl Drop" style crystalized burqa in gold costs 20.000 Omani rials (around $52.00 USD)

Silver "water-fall" Crystal Burqa. ***Priced 25.000 Omani rials around/65.00 USD***

Gold "water-fall" Crystal Burqa. ***Priced 25.000 Omani rials around/65.00 USD***

Costume Bedouin style burqa (I don't know the price yet but I can't imagine more than 5.00 Omani rials each)

Alot of girls have been asking me if I know anywhere online that ship internationally burqas. I don't. But I am willing to run to Mutrah Souq and a couple Jewelry stores I know to pick one up for the lady really in need of a burqa for a traditional event or special day (I wore a couture one by Al Aseel for my wedding day for the nikah part of it) if they Western-Unioned me the price of it +shipping. Fastest shipping is usually 8 rials (or less depending how far away you live from Oman) and I am still looking for what the cheapest option is and what that costs.

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I just want to say pixie that i have followed you from the ilovehisma blog and i really love all your blogs..i think you bring something unique to blogging because you cover many areas such as islam/fashion/marriage/culture...Im a fan! Mashallah keep up the good work