Monday, July 9, 2012

Back to Work

So in case you are wondering why I haven't been blogging I have been BEYOND busy. I am about to start a new job while wrapping up the one I already have which means changing visas and doing alot of paperwork ect on time I DON'T HAVE. I have been teaching full-time (by Omani standards anyways---that means from 7am-1pm) this month with classes of 20 students [mixed---boys and girls in their late teens], I have been getting orders finished for my online abaya business, and I have also, of course, been one full-time Mommy and ;) a part-time wife. I am also moving inshaAllah at the end of this month so apartment/house hunting. And unlike the majority of working Moms in the Khaleej, I don't do maids. So my little Zz has daycare with a nanny who is not the live-in type.
These are some photos of the place I will inshaAllah start working at soon as my class grads in time for Ramadan:
Semi-shaded pathway between the Administration building and the library/archives building
Looking Up going into the Grande Ceremonial Hall (which I haven't photographed yet)
My favourite place to sit. Just detached from the Library and student cafeteria is this cool shaded courtyard complete with Omani-style lightly gushing fountains styled like a "falaj" system and date palms. So peaceful here.
Same courtyard area (not my photo) from another angle.
Design of the Uni buildings.
I believe this is the courtyard entrance coming off of the student cafeteria.
I am working as a researcher so here is my dream home---the library. The Islamic section is AMAZING as is the History section (but that is limited to languages I don't read or speak). In my job, I get an assistant translator. I really admire the library here. There are books for students to read that speak of things it is illegal under Omani law for people to print on the net but that Omani students are allowed to read and consider. MashaAllah, I admire that.
The Omani/Khaleeji history department wing of the library (not my space but ooh la la it is BEAUTIFUL)
Pretty dreamy work area within the historical section of the reference (history section again) area of the library.
I really admire how this University functions. Classes are mixed so both men and women can share knowledge and communicate together in ways that are beneficial and purposeful for society and yet there are areas to protect women's privacy and modesty. Only thing I don't like? Niqab is banned. But since 90% of Omani women I know who wear niqab as a rule do so only for cultural reasons stemming straight from jahliliyia, it is harder to be angry about that since it isn't their choice to wear niqab in the first place ALOOOOT of the time. Unlike in Canada.
Where my office is, is right across from the University Masjid (which has its own library) so that's nice. I honestly haven't checked out the women's section yet I've just prayed before in someone else's office but inshaAllah I'll be able to write about seeing that once I have more time inshaAllah.

Bye for now.

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Michelle Therese said...

So lovely, like paradise on earth. Warm and sunny with palm trees and gorgeous architecture. I still miss the Middle East :-)